How cool is going back to school? Not so cool, some parents might agree. You really can’t blame your child. It’s a whole lot of homework, studying and lectures that follow. How about spicing up the concept of going back to school a bit? We can help.

Give them one more reason to be back in their classrooms – Uniforms! Worried about kids loosing their hats, jackets? Worry not because Budget Embroidery can actually help you out, Through Embroidery! How would your child like a school cap with his name embroidered on it? Or a sports jersey with a number on it? We can foresee a wide smile on your child’s face.

Budget Embroidery specializes in embroidery on almost any school items – bags, caps, sweatshirts, etc…Our embroidery experts know just what is right for you! We also provide best in class screen-print and heat transfer of sports numbers on jerseys or even slug logo. Name it and it’ll be done!

Our embroidery set up is designed to meet all your requirements. State-of-the art, our ace designers can bring your imagination to life. Your design can be placed on any place/position of your choice- Left/Right Chest, Pocket, Shoulder, Collar, Sleeves, etc…

Budget Embroidery functions at a flat set-up cost of $40 – this is a onetime price. Once the set-up is in place, we are all geared for any number of re-runs. To know more about our prices and design requirements, click here.

As for quality, we are no different from you. We really want the best for your children. At budget Embroidery, we understand the wear and tear young minds and their uniforms go through. Hence the quality of our uniforms and durability of the embroidery and screen print are unmatched. We simply refuse to settle for anything but the best, just like you.

So why wait? Add more cheer to the new year and more substance to uniforms and other school items. By substance, we mean real substance – embroidery! Our prices are super cool, products are amazing and the result will make you smile. So, smile away!

Alongside uniforms, we also specialize in sportswear and team wear. Do check out Uniform Wholesalers and Budget Workwear to understand the full extent of our products. Stop by and say hi or call us at 8850 5767 for immediate assistance.

Logos are good. We all know that. But it’s even better when embroidered on to your clothing. Embroidered designs add an instant element of attraction and are more real and tangible than any other form of clothing branding. They are long lasting as well. With Budget Embroidery, add a dash of personal touch to your uniforms, corporate wear, Polos, Promotional Tees and pretty much anything you wish.  Budget Embroidery has an in-house team of ace designers who can convert your logo or any other branding element to sewing format and our embroidery experts will work their magic. At the end of the quick process, you will be left with immaculate workmanship. To know more about graphic requirements and other essentials look here 

Only bulk orders?
NO. You don’t have to be a corporate giant with 1000 employees to use our services. Budget embroidery can cater to both large and small requirements. We do embroidery on orders as small as 8-10-12 numbers. If you are a growing business with a uniform requirement for just 2 or 3 staff members, no problem, we can do it for you!

Will I be charged extra for non-bulk orders?
NO. We know that out in the market our competitors charge anywhere between $50 and $120. Worry not; we have something better to offer – price wise and quality wise. Budget embroidery offers you a competitive price of $40.00 Ex GST, no matter the volume of the order and for all orders for 50 units, setup is completely waived off. Please note that this amount is charged only once. Once digitised, the logo design becomes your property and can be used any number of times. So good, huh? You bet!

Extra charges for more colors?
NO. Budget Embroidery calculates price based on the number of stitches and not color. Because of the same reason you save up on setup charges for different thread colors. Our machines are capable of embroidering up to 12-15 colors, at no additional cost.

Is this a good deal?
YES it is! Ask us for a Free Quote today.